If you are a proud esthetician, you have every reason to be very grateful that you decided to take this career path in the beauty industry. The job opportunities for a skincare esthetician are seen to increase by 14%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Plus, the job of an esthetician can be immensely gratifying by being able to inspire confidence and happiness in your clients. There’s no more rewarding than seeing the eyes of your clients’ light up after you have improved the way they look.

The ultimate role of estheticians is to serve as a guide in the confusing world of skin care and beauty. They have the expertise on various skin care products and ingredients and recommend which suits best their clients’ skin to keep it looking beautiful and fresh. While these beauty specialists mostly work on facial skincare, they can also offer other services such as body wraps and waxing on different body parts.

In fact, one of the most sought-after treatments that you can add to your list of services as an esthetician is a Brazilian wax. It would be a perfect addition to facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other skin care treatments that you are offering to your clients. You can definitely be a certified Brazilian waxing specialist who can advise your clients of what will be the best waxing technique or wax product to use on their intimate parts. We recommend you attend a hands-on Brazilian wax training academy first if your beauty school did not give you the confidence you need to perform the services. Remember extra training is always recommended especially hands-on training.


Estheticians Benefits For Providing Brazilian Waxing


While it will be completely optional for an esthetician to do Brazilian waxing, performing this service brings a plethora of benefits. First is the promise of getting more clients because Brazilian waxing is becoming more and more popular these days. So far, it is the most preferred hair removal procedure for those who wanted to go bare down there. This is simply because the result feels completely soft and hairless. Plus, clients may opt for any shape they want, either leave just a landing strip or a Bermuda triangle.

Not only Brazilian waxing is a popular treatment but it is also a profitable service and a fast-growing industry. The costs of goods are low as well as the time needed to finish the service is less. In fact, you can earn a good amount of money in a few hours doing Brazilian waxing! So, you get the highest return on investment fairly quickly with it compared to doing other services. And better yet, if your clients are satisfied with your service, you can expect to have lifetime customers who will come back month after month. Now that’s what we call steady cash flow!

In addition, the Brazilian waxing industry is growing at one of the fastest rates in the past years. Countless spas and salons in the country have bagged billions of sales in offering Brazilian waxing alone. So, if you want to get some share of the big pie, include the service in your services.

And finally, you would be delighted to know that Brazilian waxing is also attractive for the men. It is no longer confined for the women to enjoy as self-grooming became part of the men’s world. Just like ladies, guys are willing to pay any amount just to look and feel cleaner and softer in their private parts. In fact, the hercules of gyms are the regular clients of Brazilian waxing since they find the treatment perfect for their active lifestyle. Not to mention that it helps them feel more intimate with their other half.

So, do estheticians have to do Brazilian waxing? No, but you should consider it for sure! Apart from learning another skillset, it would be another highest paying service. If you are looking to get training by Brazilian Wax Training & Academy by clicking here.

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