There are plenty of benefits that being a mobile beautician brings to the table. Just to name a few, you get total control of your schedule and become flexible. Plus, you will also have the chance to work around a different job as well as have more time for your loved ones. You can also take holidays whenever you like and every day is simply not the same.

However, attracting clients to a new business can be challenging. Nobody would bother to listen to what you have to offer unless you have something they want or need. And waxing is not a commodity that people need every day but you can make it into something that they would want to get. So, if you are planning to start a mobile waxing business, here are the things you need to consider that will help your new enterprise soar.

The Vehicle For Your Business

First things first, where will you perform waxing? If it will not be in the vehicle, then what you will just need is a valid driver’s license and a car that is currently registered and insured. And of course, having a vehicle alone would not be enough, especially if you advertise your waxing services on it to attract potential clients.

The Licenses To Operate

With waxing business, you need two licenses to operate: business license and state license. Getting a business license is straightforward which includes registering your business name and a federal tax ID number. But before you get your business license, finalize your goals and plans first, and most importantly, the structure of your business. Will it be a single ownership/sole proprietorship or a partnership? This is important when you apply for the business license, and if you will hire someone to help, you also need to have a state employer ID as well as an IRS number.

And of course, before you can practice waxing on others apart from your family and friends, you need to be licensed by your state. There are certain rules set by the Board in your particular state where you plan to start your mobile waxing business. Additionally it is recommended you take additional waxing certification aside from beauty school in order to be on top of your game. Remember you will see different body types, hair growth, and much more so having more experience and training can set you apart from your competitors. So, why do you need to be a licensed wax specialist?

Apart from the fact that your state requires you to get a license to practice your field, it’s one of the credentials that your potential clients will ask for to make sure that you are what you say you are. After all, waxing is very technical, and in fact, you are also called as a wax technician. Plus, being licensed means you’re working legally and operating following the regulations of the Board.

How Can You Become A Licensed Waxing Specialist?

A waxing technician is one specific area of specialization of an esthetician or a skincare professional. It means before you can specialize in providing waxing services, you need to be an esthetician and obtain a certification program in this profession from a number of beauty schools across the country. But if you prefer to focus on waxing alone, then you can obtain a certification program from us here at Brazilian Wax Training.

Getting an education with us means a great potential to be recognized as a glamorous waxer. In addition to teaching you the fundamentals of waxing, the right waxing techniques and products to use, we also teach you how to apply your learnings well beyond the corners of our school, including venturing into mobile waxing business.

Once you have completed a  beauty school program and take our waxing courses in San Diego you can then proceed with applying for a license to practice waxing services. You just have to pass the examination provided by the Board with a fee. After which you will be granted the license you need to start with your career as a waxing guru.

The Other Essential Things You Should Do And Must Have

Now that you have all the major requirements on hand, the other things you should do is to promote your business. The best way to gain more clients is to let people know you and your business exist. You can leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the clients to find you and learn about your waxing services. Much better if you have a website detailing all about your business, the services you provide, the prices, and contact details.

Also, be equipped with the right contents and keywords so that clients can easily find you online and book an appointment. For example, you can include the keyword “mobile Brazilian waxing near me” so people can search you easily. And of course, take advantage of the power of word of mouth where your friends can tell others about how good you are at waxing. You can then bring your service into the home of those people your friends know and get loyal clients.

Finally, the one last thing you should not forget is to keep a kit checklist to make sure that you have all the equipment and products you need to do waxing. Remember you are going mobile so everything needed for each appointment must be available and intact in your vehicle. You don’t have a fully-stocked salon or spa at your disposal but only a car to take wherever the clients are. So always double-check before you leave for business.

People will always want to look and feel beautiful which starts with waxing. So, you can rest assured that with all those things taken into account, your mobile waxing business will be on the right path to success.

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