As men are turning to skincare professionals in their fight against unwanted body hair, male waxing has been increasing in popularity. Reports in the beauty industry show that “manscaping” is a trend on the rise with more and more guys wanting to remove body hair for many reasons. One major reason is for visual appeal and the desire to please the partner. Other motives for a hairless finish include sports, convenience, and hygiene.

So, if you are contemplating whether or not providing male waxing is worth adding in your service menu, you would want to know the facts and benefits of this service. One thing to consider is many times beauty schools don’t teach high levels of waxing training much less male body waxing course or even less male Brazilian waxing training.

The Best Hair Removal Method For Long Lasting Results

From shapeless brows to hairy toes and everything in between, men have been plucking, trimming, shaving, and creaming unruly hair for years now. However, these methods of hair removal remain to be so time-consuming and provide short-term results.

Enter male waxing, an easy and quick way to temporarily get rid of unwanted hairs from the body without the cuts of razors and mess of creams. Plus, the results of waxing are not only long-lasting but it also gives you a great bonus, as a waxing specialist, because hairs do grow back. It means you will have regular clients, which can be for a lifetime if you are doing it right.

The Demographic Is Simply Great

Male waxing has been most prevalent within the sectors of the sporting world. However, it becomes so popular outside the sports arena and goes beyond to men of all ages and lifestyles. Thanks to the interest of the media in fuzz-free personalities, from Holywood stars to sports celebrities. Guys through the country are increasingly joining the hairless community of men, booking themselves in for a hair removal service.

As the trend continues to rise, more men are realizing that grooming is not just for the hair on their scalp and make waxing as one of the sought-after spa services by male clients. In fact, there is a remarkable percentage of male customers coming into spas getting the intimate pubic hair waxing service. In most spa establishments, about 30% of the clientele is male getting Brazilians. And strangely enough, waxing for chest, backs, brows, and ears are just secondary to a bikini wax.

Better yet, male waxing clients mostly turn into regular customers. While some men do it out of curiosity, most of them are surprised to know how much they like the service. Others even confess that they feel airier and lighter after the treatment while many say they like the feeling of being sleeker and cleaner of going hairless. Plus the fact that men want to get a Brazilian wax done not in the same way as to how women do for a special occasion only. Guys go for it and make it their regular grooming.

Men Can Be An Awesome Referral

While guys are not that talkative like ladies, you might be surprised to learn that they can actually be a great referral system. It’s no secret that even if male waxing is now popular, for many it is still a taboo, meaning there is still a huge market waiting to be tapped. This is because of the common misconception that waxing is only for gays but this is, of course, remains to be a myth. Bodybuilders, sports athletes, boyfriends, and husbands are just some of the regular male clients of spas.

Also, you would be glad to know that men are not fond of telling feel-good stories but they are direct when it comes to things they think are not ordinary. And once a man, straight or not, likes the results of your waxing, he is most likely to come back and bring a squad of his friends to try it, too. So, you end up with not just a regular client but a whole lot more because once men say they like it, they really do. That’s why they are a great referrer!

So, obviously, those three reasons would be good enough why you need to offer male waxing and make it one of your specialties. But still, whether you are an experienced pro or a newbie just starting things out, hands-on training on male-specific waxing techniques and products, especially for the private parts, would be a big help.

Just keep in mind to opt for trainers with rich experience in offering hair removal services specifically for men. They will not only give you sound advice on the best male waxing technique but also on good marketing practices. So, you will enjoy both learning the technicalities of male waxing and how to earn a big profit out of doing it.

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