More and more, we are seeing guys visiting spas for a Brazilian wax, also known as ‘Boyzilian’ or ‘Manzilian’. It only makes sense because waxing is more hygienic and offers longer-lasting results than shaving. It’s even more cost-effective than shaving down there.

As more men are switching from shaving to waxing, they simply love the chance to avoid the itchy scruff growing back in a couple of days after a shave. In fact, most male clients say that they won’t go back to the old habit of shaving after they have tried out a Brazilian wax.

With this plethora of benefits that male Brazilian waxing brings to the table, you may still be unsure and thinking twice if should you offer male Brazilian wax as one of your spa or salon services. If you want to be decisive about it, the following reasons will help you decide.


Guy Like To Be Pampered Too


If a man goes for a manicure or a facial, it raises eyebrows but in the past few years, grooming for men has gone one big leap into the place that was only reserved for women. It’s the famous and infamous male Brazilian waxing. Its popularity is undeniable and is no longer an exclusive service for models and athletes. It becomes a thing for everybody, including the boy next door. It is the straight men community, it’s also the gay community, as well as the conservative and the liberal guy’s community. Men from all ages are coming in for a Brazilian wax and it’s getting much bigger and better.

In fact, in many waxing spas, male Brazilian waxing accounts for as much as 20% of their weekly revenue. Thanks to the mindset that de-fuzzing down there is not for the sake of emulation but it’s all about keeping things clean and maintaining one’s self. This is all coming from the guys, which can indeed make eyebrows raise.


Men Tend To Become Regular Clients


In addition to the fact that male Brazilian wax is a big trend, male clients usually turn into regular customers. Although some guys get a Brazilian wax just for the sake of trying it out, most of them confessed that they like the service very much. It is because they feel much lighter and cleaner after the treatment. It ends up in a way that those men are straight enough to stand by what they think can make them feel better. And a Brazilian wax gives them such feeling. So, they go for it as part of their regular grooming routine. It means that if you have the waxing right, you will end up with more and more regular male clientele. Every single month hundreds of men go to google and search for “where to get a male Brazilian wax” to find a local waxing place to help them out. If you offer this service this will help increase your total income!


Brazilian Wax Offers Longer Lasting Results


If there is no pain, there is no gain. This is pretty much true in the case of waxing, especially in the case of a Brazilian wax. There’s no point in saying that it won’t hurt because it will for sure but not that much like you’re going to crunch. To deal with the pain, some guys take an Advil before the treatment or drink a glass of wine to relax. But no matter how each client handles the pinch of pain, almost all men who have done it already said that the pain is all worth it. Unlike other hair removal methods, the results of a Brazilian wax can last around 4 to 6 weeks long.

Moreover, in between appointments, there’s no need to invest in razors, creams, and other hair grooming paraphernalia. Male clients can simply book their next Brazilian waxing session and prepare for their set schedule. This is another big reason why more and more men are loving the treatment which means more profits for you if you offer the service.


Adds Variety To Your Service List


If you have been doing bikini waxing for the ladies, then getting a good male Brazilian waxing training course under your belt will give you the training you need to offer the service. In general, it is not as different from a women’s bikini wax and other types of waxing. The basic waxing techniques and supplies needed are pretty much similar. What you will just need is a special training specifically designed to perform male intimate waxing. Once you have proper male Brazilian wax training, you’re good to go and you can add this awesome service to your spa menu. It will be a good variety in your service list and you’ll be thankful you added it as one of your waxing specialties.


Male Brazilian Wax Training Course


At Brazilian Wax Training & Academy, we offer Manzilian training to help you get comfortable performing the service. Our training is very hands-on and will give you the confidence to perform the service by yourself. Our training specialist will go over things like how to deal with situations that arise in the room and more! As we all know not everyone offers male Brazilian waxing. Normally the two reasons are 1. They simply don’t want to provide the service due to the nature of the service or perhaps someone in their relationship is not okay with them doing the service. #2 They don’t have the experience or have never been taught. We find reason #2 is usually the reason most estheticians or cosmetologists don’t offer male Brazilian waxing services. Additionally, more and more men asking why don’t places offer male Brazilian wax? Here is an opportunity for your name to shop up when they search locally!


Manzilian Training?


So, should you offer male Brazilian wax? Well, if you want to gain another waxing specialty service and increase sales, then it’s definitely a yes. Contact us to get your training started.

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